Here at M&G Olympic Products Ltd, we are proud to say we have designed, manufactured and installed various amazing bespoke products at the LSH Auto UK - Mercedes Benz showroom in Stockport!

​Taking centre stage, we were more than happy to take on the task of designing, manufacturing and installing the truly one of a kind bespoke staircase.

The staircase itself is supported by Central Wall SHS Support framing accompanied with offsite painted steel stringers.

​Along with structural glass balustrade, offset handrails and a Timber tread finish, the stairs also incorporate LED Strip backlighting giving off an impressive glow. The entire staircase features stainless steel handrails welded joints and polished to create that one piece look.

​Following on from the main staircase, we were also faced with the task of carrying on the bespoke stylish look, by manufacturing and installing the structural glass balustrade combined with offset stainless steel handrails across both the 2nd and 3rd floor of the showroom.

The entire showroom and design really does shout style, elegance and structure.

​Carrying on with the glass and steel design, we also manufactured and installed the glass balustrade around the lift shaft, creating an impressive glass elevator look and feel.

​We truly loved the challenges that we faced, and we can safely say the finished product is one to shout about.

​Client: RG Group - LSH Auto UK

Location: Mercedes Benz - Stockport


Central Well Support framing, manufactured with SHS


Thick monolithic structural

glass balustrade


Boss fixings to finish off the offset glass balustrade.

Hand Rail

Offset Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel

Bump guards to protect the stairs



Mercedes Stockport - LSH Auto UK Project
MG Olympic

Mercedes Stockport - LSH Auto UK Project