We are over the moon to show you the latest addition to our UK Mercedes Showroom projects!

We are proud to say we have designed, manufactured and installed various amazing bespoke products at the 

Mercedes-Benz Retail Group UK Ltd showroom in Dartford!

​As soon as you walk into the showroom, the magnificent eye-catching 4.2m wide staircase stands proud surrounded by our truly bespoke curved structural glass balustrade, complete with Interior LED Up Lighting.

The staircase itself is supported by RHS & SHS Support framing accompanied by RHS steel stringers.

Throughout the structure, we have incorporated 8mm Thick treads held upright by 12 SHS Columns.

Our curved structural glass balustrade features our bespoke M/S Flat bar channel complete with LED Integrated lights,

which can all be controlled via the wall tablet.

​Following on from the main staircase, we also manufactured and installed the back of house Steel staircase complete with Stainless steel handrails and our bespoke glass infill balustrade, all fixed together with our stainless steel polished clamp fixings.

The entire handrail is welded together and polished to give that overall one piece look and feel.

Featured outside on the car ramp, we also manufactured and installed the Stainless Steel bump guard rail to protect the magnificent glass windows and balustrade.

​We truly loved the challenges that we faced, and we can safely say the finished product is one to shout about.

If you are looking at bringing your visions to reality, feel free to contact us and see how we could help you.

​Client: RG Group - Mercedes-Benz Retail Group UK Ltd

Location: Mercedes Benz - Dartford


Thick Curved monolithic structural

glass balustrade complete with LED Up lighting

Hand Rail

Offset Bespoke Polished

Stainless Steel

Hidden Structure

RHS and SHS steel stringers complete with 12 Columns and M'S Flatbar channel