Here at M&G Olympic Products Ltd, we designed, manufactured and installed another breathtaking indoor staircase

complete with balustrade and vertical infill.


Sitting proudly front and center is our bespoke Steel staircase.

The staircase itself is supported by Central Wall SHS Support framing accompanied by offsite painted RHS mild steel stringers.

​Running along the stringers is our bespoke powder coated vertical round bar infill balustrade and centre posts.

The staircase also features steel Pan type treads with offsite made timber tops complete with circular grip edges for that extra safety.

​Following on from the main staircase, we also carried on the bespoke stylish look, by manufacturing and installing the viewing platform Stainless steel balustrade combined with stainless steel post mounted handrails.


Featured outside is our bespoke galvanized external vertical infill balustrade.

Running up and along the staircase are our bespoke CHS mild steel galvanized handrails complete with proprietary stem fixed brackets.

Architect: Thinking Building Ltd

​Client: Kingham Hill School

Location: Kingham, Chipping Norton


Mild Steel powder coated stringer


Rounded Vertical Infill