Business As Usual

Here at M&G Olympic Products Ltd, we understand these are worrying times, however, we would like to inform you that here, its business as usual! During all this uncertainty, we would like to reassure you that we have put measures in place to make sure our service continues as normal.

Design Team & Estimators

Both our design team and estimators are working remotely from home, if you wish to contact them you can still get in contact via their email address.


If you wish to contact them via there work mobile numbers, please email them or email the sales email address for more information, and we will be more then

happy to assist you.


All data held by MG Olympic is securely covered via our server, our security measures are also extended across to staff members working from home, so we can assure you that all data is protected.

NHS Official COVID-19 Support

If yourself or a family member is suffering from any symptoms, please head over to the official NHS website for more information.

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