Here at M&G Olympic Products Ltd, we are proud to say we have manufactured and installed various Staircases, Balustrades, and Walkways at the Babraham – Cambridge Science Park.


Outside features both of our bespoke Galvanised Mild Steel Helical and Spiral Staircases!

Both staircases are complete with perforated durbar treads and stainless steel handrails.


As part of our involvement, here at M&G Olympic Products ltd, we created a classy, elegant and modern look by also manufacturing and installing the Stainless Steel Feature staircase complete with Structural Glass balustrade to the atrium.

The Structural Glass balustrade was also accompanied by our off set Stainless Steel handrails complete with boss fixings.


Client: SDC Builders

Location: Babraham – Cambridge Science Park

Hand Rail

Offset bespoke polished

stainless steel handrail


Thick monolithic structural

glass balustrade


Boss fixings to finish off the offset glass balustrade.