Showcasing Elegance, Class and Structural Functionality all in one, here at M&G Olympic Products Ltd, we are proud to have manufactured and installed the stunning Structural glass atrium and feature staircase for the Aston Martin Nottingham Showroom.

Standing proud in the middle of the showroom, we have our truly bespoke Structural Glass atrium feature staircase complete with Timber lined folded treads and bespoke polished Stainless Steel recessed handrail.

As part of our involvement, here at M&G Olympic Products Ltd, we continued the classy look of Aston Martin by not only featuring glass balustrade on the feature staircase, but we also manufactured and installed the glass atrium on the mezzanine floor.

As well as the feature stairs and atrium, we also manufactured and installed the back of house staircase, complete with powder coated balustrade, durbar treads, and our bespoke stainless steel handrail.


Client: MCS - Build

Location: Aston Martin - Nottingham


Structural Glass balustrade atrium complete with stainless steel channels.

Hand Rail

Bespoke Stainless Steel recessed handrail


Timber lined

folded treads