Here at M&G Olympic Products Ltd we were faced with manufacturing and installing a completely bespoke,

Stainless Steel staircase complete with Stainless Steel Cladding to the external face, top, and bottom of the stringer.

To complement the amazing feature staircase, we also incorporated stainless steel SHS Posts with Offset Glass Balustrade.

The balustrade and handrail not only features on the staircase but also extends across the full mezzanine floor.

While creating the atrium and staircase, we were also asked to create a bespoke stainless steel gate featured underneath the staircase, complete with a simple hinge and latch mechanism.

Client: Morgan Sindall - Andrew Kean Learning Centre

Location: Leeds Trinity University


Offset glass balustrade featured on both staircase and atrium


Stainless Steel Offset Boss Fixings

Hand Rail

Stainless Steel bespoke

polished handrails welded together

to create a one-piece look.